Parkour for Schools

What is Parkour?

Parkour is a fantastic way to learn about your body, increase self confidence, mobility and overall fitness.
Parkour involves overcoming obstacles using only your body. This can involve jumping, vaulting and sometimes even flipping.

Why do you need a parkour class?

​Parkour has become extremely popular especially with young people. This is fantastic as it encourages young people to get outside and stay fit. The only issue is safety, which is why we’re here.
We want to ensure that every practitioner of Parkour trains safely and respectfully. 

What each class provides:

Each activity can be adapted to match each students’ physical ability regardless of age or gender.

Each class contains a warm up to get everyone ready, conditioning to build up strength, skills and challenges, teaching the core movements of Parkour and introducing challenges involving those movements and finally a cool down to increase flexibility and help with muscle development.

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