Structured classes

“PKJ Coaching provides an excellent adult and child classes, with participants of all levels of abilities. The classes are very friendly and are a great way to build friendships within the parkour community.” – Rob, adult parkour enthusiast

Classes are enjoyable by both adults and children of all ages. Newcomers are warmly welcomed and are encouraged to release their potential.

“Having triplets has bought many challenges including one that I will call Finlay. Parkour has relieved my Wednesday evenings of trying to stop my son from climbing on any available piece of furniture and fighting with his siblings. Kieran I would like to thank you for the best club EVER for my overactive boy I don’t know what I would do without you!” – Parent

“Any mother with an overactive pre-teen boy will be able to sympathise when I say that it was either this class or another evening with my youngest son jumping off the sofas and/or trying to kill his big brother. Charlie loves this class. It’s structured without being too much like class gym lessons and it wears him out so we have a quiet evening. Result!” – Parent

Come and enjoy Parkour and make friends. Join us in Trowbridge, Frome and Salisbury at our structured classes.

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