Terms and conditions of booking

Cancellations within 24 hours are non refundable.

We reserve the right to remove and refuse a service, if the participant does not cooperate or is distressful or unsafe to themselves and other members. The parent or guardian of the child will be notified in such event.

Kiwi Parkour are fully insured and trained to deal in the event there is an accident, and we will do our best to prevent any such event.
In such an event, Kiwi Parkour are not liable for any injuries that may incur, as by signing this waiver you agree that you and/or the participant accept responsibility.

Kiwi Parkour are also not responsible for participants practice of parkour outside of their parkour lessons.

Customers suffering from Covid-19 symptoms are asked not to attend classes or camps until symptoms are clear and to notify us as soon as possible.

Lessons or camps may be cancelled due to changes in government guidelines or Covid-19 outbreak. Any cancellations 24 hours before the class or camp will be fully refunded.

Personal safety equipment such as Hand sanitizer or face masks for customers are not provided by KiwiParkour and are to be brought at the customers discretion.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to allow Kiwi Parkour to send you (when required) updates on services which may include for example, the changing of hours or location of events.

Kiwi Parkour promises not to pass your data to 3rd party companies.

For any questions regarding these terms and conditions please contact the team.

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